"clarity personified"

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"Inspiring and motivating"

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Here is a quick snapshot of his credentials:

  • 4 time Emmy award winning broadcaster

  • Top Level keynote speaker delivering rejuvenating talks on reinvention, diversity and creative thought. 

  • International spokesperson for Vitiligo Research Foundation

  • Associated Press Award Winning Producer

Lee Thomas: From crisis to creative success 

Lee has been described as captivating, inspiring, engaging and amazing. He is a broadcaster, author and motivational speaker that travels the world sharing his story of personal change while challenging people to live their best life by connecting to their creative perspective in the midst of chaos. Lee is driven to make the world a more positive, compassionate and energetic place. 

He accomplishes this through his work as an innovation keynote speaker, broadcaster, creative thinker and writer. Lee has covered entertainment for over 20 years. His work takes him around the globe covering different entertainment events from New York to Moscow, interviewing some of the most successful and distinguished people on the earth.   He is a film critic with the Broadcast Film Critics Association and an Anchor /Entertainment Reporter in Detroit, Michigan. He is truly a testament to positivity, creativity and perseverance.

the online home of author, broadcaster and entrepreneur lee Thomas

link to Lee's new 501c3 Charity Foundation

turning white:

A Memoir Of Change

In this thought-provoking memoir, 

Emmy Award-winning broadcaster and motivational speaker Lee Thomas shares

the physical and mental battle he is waging with vitiligo -- a skin disorder that is literally turned him from black to white. As someone in the public eye, vitiligo has completely transformed his life.  Lee shares his honest and revealing journey to help people understand and cope with difficult challenges using successful life strategies to obtain positive results. 

"innovative focus"