International Winter Consensus Conference Of Dermatology

(Kitzbuhel, Austria)

Delta Sigma Theta National Conference

Sister's Sippin' Tea Literary Group

(Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Third Annual Families and Communities Caring Together (FACCT) Conference

University of San Diego (San Diego, California)

Continental Congress - International Society Of Dermatology

(St. Petersburg, Russia)

NV Foundation Annual Awards Banquet

(Cincinnati, Ohio)

And The Women Gather Literary Jazz Brunch

(Miami, Florida)

Diversity Summit The Vanguard Group, Inc.

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

VS International Conference

(San Antonio, Texas)

Synergy Partnership Luncheon

Berg Muirhead and Associates, Inc.

(Detroit, Michigan)

World Vitiligo Congress 

(Milan, Italy) 

"Lee's charge to 'find strength in your weakness' meshed perfectly with the event's innovation focus. Attendees are still raving"  

-Charlie W. from TEDx Detroit

"Inspiring and motivating for all of my co-workers. Thank you Lee!"

-Chrishonda from Trinity Health Diversity Summit

"Absolutely and unforgettably inspiring"

-Father Rento, Lavallette, New Jersey

"Excellent, powerful and motivating!"

-Berg Muirhead and Associates​                Synergy Partnership Luncheon

"Lee Thomas was unbelievably moving and inspiring!"

-Glenn J. Engler, Boston Region Digitas

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Here's are Lee's main four presentations:


All of our lives we are forced to deal with so many different ideas, opinions and definitions of success. There is an overwhelming amount of information about achieving the dream life. But all of that is just a distraction, taking us away from the most important questions.  Who am I? What make me... "ME"?  And even more important, what makes "ME" happy? Lee explains why and how you must clearly define yourself before you can build a clear path to quality success. No matter how much money you have, success and true happiness go hand and hand. In this powerful presentation Lee shares his life experience and the valuable information he has gained from some of the most successful people in the world. Tap into your monster success! 

With Will Power and the precision of Digital Animation this funny engaging presentation is a complete approach to renewed creative and youthful change. As a morning show host and entertainment reporter in one of the most volatile cities in the country, Lee prides himself on connecting to people no matter what their station in life. He takes each opportunity to ask experts how they have achieved success and found their happiness.  From director James Cameron to Peter Buffett he's gained the insight of the rich and powerful understanding the motivation behind some the happiest most successful people on the planet. Lee has gathered a lifetime of information and put the most successful stories into a powerful star studded presentation. A literal step by step plan on how to achieve the best creative environment that can be applied to any situation.  How to start with idea and surround it with the most creative brain trust at your disposal and organically grow your success.

His face has been called shocking and unnatural. Author, Playwright and TV Journalist Lee Thomas was faced with the toughest challenge of his life. As a dark skinned African American man Lee's skin was literally turning white. He has disease called vitiligo and he was loosing all of the pigment in his skin.  As the disease took over Lee found a way to deal with his challenge while becoming one of the best entertainment reporters and most popular local morning show anchors in Detroit.  Now, he tours the world sharing his inspiring and moving story and the methods he used to over come insurmountable challenge and finding success in midst of chaos.

He has been diagnosed with 2 life threatening diseases that are gone. His skin turned from black to white and back to black. All of this while getting promoted from reporter to television news anchor. Now, Lee wants to share his method of individual growth. Most of the time we are so focused on one aspect of our lives and everything else takes a back seat, until you are forced to deal with it.  You're so busy working, that your family never sees you and your health slowly declines.  You try to go on a diet but your schedule suffers. You loose sight of your passions and everything else seems not to matter. With laser sharp focus and clarity this presentation explains how to achieve balance and success in business, health and your relationships. Clarity puts life into focus helping you gain a new perspective opening up the door to lasting change.